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I am using openWysiWyg editor in my website. This is attached to a text-area where I can type in the content and the content is then saved to some php text file with the html tags intact. In the view page on my site i directly include this php file and everything works fine.

Recently I got requests to have some facility to re-edit the already submitted text. For that, I am using the same editor attached to a textarea and I read the contents of the file and pass it to the textarea as . The content get loaded in to the textarea and everything is fine excpet the following issue. If i try to re-edit something like "& lt ;pankaj & gt ;" - upon loading this content in the editor it gets converted to "< pankaj >< /pankaj >" upon submitting the new changes. So I am having two issues - why "& lt ;" is getting converted to '<' and why is this auto-completion of tags happening.

I figured out the editor does the following steps :

  1. take textarea.value in some string
  2. use document.write() to copy that value to the texarea's div which in itself is a iframe.
  3. upon submitting it takes object.innerHTML to get the contents and then I save it to the disk

the above issues doesnt happen for text - "i & lt ; 5".

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Seems like stackoverflow.com also has the same issue whe i RE-edit my already posted thing.. :) –  pankaj Aug 26 '11 at 10:23
deliberately providing spaces in the highlighted text to avoid the issue on posing here on stackoverflow. –  pankaj Aug 26 '11 at 10:26

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why "& lt ;" is getting converted to '<'

The editor is disabling the escape character &lt; and replacing it with the literal <

why is this auto-completion of tags happening.

The editor is converting the unescaped tag to valid XHTML

the above issues doesnt happen for text - "i & lt ; 5".

That is a numeric comparison, not markup

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