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How would one search for files on a computer? Maybe looking for certain extensions.

I need to iterate through all the files and examine file names.

Say I wanted to find all files with an .code extension.

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What do you mean by "parse through"? – lc. Apr 6 '09 at 5:26

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For Windows, you would want to look into the FindFirstFile() and FindNextFile() functions. If you want to implement a recursive search, you can use GetFileAttributes() to check for FILE_ATTRIBUTE_DIRECTORY. If the file is actually a directory, continue into it with your search.

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FindFirst/NextFile will already tell you the attributes of the file; not need to call GetFileAttributes. – Rob Kennedy Apr 6 '09 at 6:38

A nice wrapper for FindFirstFile is dirent.h for windows (google dirent.h Toni Ronkko)

#define S_ISREG(B) ((B)&_S_IFREG)
#define S_ISDIR(B) ((B)&_S_IFDIR)

static void
scan_dir(DirScan *d, const char *adir, BOOL recurse_dir)
    DIR	*dirfile;
    int adir_len = strlen(adir);

    if ((dirfile = opendir(adir)) != NULL) {
    	struct dirent *entry;
    	char	path[MAX_PATH + 1];
    	char	*file;

    	while ((entry = readdir(dirfile)) != NULL)
            struct stat buf;
    		if(!strcmp(".",entry->d_name) || !strcmp("..",entry->d_name))

            sprintf(path,"%s/%.*s", adir, MAX_PATH-2-adir_len, entry->d_name);

            if (stat(path,&buf) != 0)

            file = entry->d_name;
            if (recurse_dir && S_ISDIR(buf.st_mode) )
                scan_dir(d, path, recurse_dir);
            else if (match_extension(path) && _access(path, R_OK) == 0) // e.g. match .code
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Use FindFirstFile() or FindNextFile() functions and a recursive algorithm to traverse sub-folders.

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FindFirstFile()/ FindNextFile() will do the job in finding the list of files in the directory. To do recursive search through the sub-directories you might use _splitpath

to split the path, into directory and filenames, and then use the resulting directory detail to do a recursive directory search.

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