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for example


 var query = A.Where(x=>criteriaA(x.item2).Where(x=>criteriaB(x.item2))

What if:

var B = A.Select(x=>x.item2)
var query = B.Where(x=>criteriaA(x)
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That could shortern even further to B.Where(criteriaA).Where(criteriaB).Where(criteriaC) –  Bob Vale Aug 26 '11 at 11:40

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it's fine - what about

var query = A.Select(x=>x.item2)
             .Where(item2=>   criteriaA(item2)
                           && criteriaB(item2) 
                           && criteriaC(item2));
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+1 much better, far clearer what you're trying to do, although I might replace the x in the where clause with "item" to make it even clearer –  Paolo Aug 26 '11 at 11:43
good - comment, will do this right away –  Carsten Aug 26 '11 at 11:44

There would be little difference and should have similar performance characteristics. I've also checked in linq pad and the resultant SQL for linq to SQL is identical

You can shorten the query further with either

var B = A.Select(x=>x.item2)  
var query = B.Where(x=>criteriaA(x) && criteriaB(x) && criteriaC(c));


var B = A.Select(x=>x.item2)  
var query = B.Where(criteriaA).Where(criteriaB).Where(criteriaC);  
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They produce the same result, and I expect them to have very similar performance characteristics. The second has a little less duplication, so I'd prefer that one. You might even be able to shorten it further to:

var query = A.Select(x=>x.item2)

Or, by collapsing all the predicates:

var query = A.Select(x=>x.item2)
             .Where(x => criteriaA(x) && criteriaB (x) && criteriaC(x));
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Linq queries could be written in many ways, but I prefer to keep them as readable as possible.

I would prefer something like:

var query = from x in A
            where criteriaA(x) && criteriaB(x) && criteriaC(x)
            select x;
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