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Background: We're using the webbrowser control in a windows forms .net 4 project. This is to allow users to edit the text of html emails.


Can we stop the webbrowser control auto-correcting text the user types in? For example the user types the text http://www.randomwebsite.com then the web browser control "helpfully" wraps that text with an <A> tag. I want to stop this behaviour if at all possible,

The end game:

Ultimately what I'm trying to achieve is to allow users to put a URL to an image in and use data tags from my system to fill in part of the URL. At the moment the user will have to go into a view source view and remove the A tags to get it to work, which is a very poor solution...

I can hear the support desk phones ringing already!!

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Damn you, auto-correct. –  BoltClock Aug 26 '11 at 11:43
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At the moment, the only solution I have found is to trap the keyup event, select the text using a TextRange and then use ExecCommand("unlink") to remove the automated link.

It has the disadvantage of being ugly as the link is shown then disappears but it does work.

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