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I want to enable something like a one-to-many relation between a text object and blobs so that a text object (an "article" or likewise) has many images and/or videos. There are two ways I see how to do this where the first is using a list of blobs as instance variable. Will it work?

class A(search.SearchableModel):
  blobs = db.ListProperty(blobstore.BlobReferenceProperty())

Advantages: Just one class. Readable and easy to get and set data. Disadvantages: Lacks extra info for blobs e.g. if I want to tag a blob with descriptive words I still need two classes instead:

class A(search.SearchableModel):
class B(db.Model):
  blob = blobstore.BlobReferenceProperty()

The later example has a disadvantage since it requires a referenceproperty and introduces 2 classes where the problem could be solved with just class A as in the first example. The advantage of the later solution is that it's clearly documented while a listproperty of blobreferenceproperties isn't and the later solution I already have implemented and now I'm thinking about using a list of blobs instead of a referenced collection. Does it matter or will both work rather equally well? Can you recommend which way to choose, if any of these or another?


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App Engine actually has an article on this in their documentation: http://code.google.com/appengine/articles/modeling.html

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Thanks for the link! The db.ListProperty(blobstore.BlobReferenceProperty()) I never saw in use and perhaps it won't work. I want it easy to now which blobs belongs to which entity and vice versa. I might keep the model with 2 classes here. –  Niklas in stockholm Aug 29 '11 at 18:16
@Niklas It won't work - you have a list of items, not a list of properties. You want db.ListProperty(blobstore.BlobKey). –  Nick Johnson Aug 30 '11 at 0:01
db.ListProperty(blobstore.BlobKey) is what I was looking for. I wonder what happens in datastore admin console data view if I use the ListpRoperty instead of a reference. Now there is a clear link to "View blob" if I use my current implementation which still has traces from using the old instance variable blobproperty and I want to be able to use the get_serving_url so I move all blobs to blobstore and I won't use db.BlobProperty since blobstore is much better with get_serving_url and admin views. –  Niklas in stockholm Aug 30 '11 at 17:16

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