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Im trying to code a simple web/text based file editor that has categories for links to a files on webserver and these categories also have archives for older files once uploaded.

Simple to do but for example inside "Animals" category in the file management I want to reorder cats dogs pigs birds, move single item up and down... how can I move items up and down inside an array?

If someone already has an idea for ready made solution, I paste my idea here:

One catergory on a web page looks like this:

- Cats (link: /files/cats.jpg)
- Dogs (link: /files/dogs.jpg)
- Pigs (link: /files/pigs.jpg)
- Birds (link: /files/birds.jpg)
    - Older Cats (link: /files/oldercats.jpg)
    - Older Dogs (link: /files/olderdogs.jpg)
    - Older Pigs (link: /files/olderpigs.jpg)
    - Older Birds (link: /files/olderbirds.jpg)

Category is saved on a single text file on a server (Animals.db) . Archive file is a separate text file (Animals-archive.db). User is able to create and delete categories.

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What have you tried so far? –  Second Rikudo Aug 26 '11 at 12:23

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I recommend jQuery's UI Sortable:


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function move($array, $from, $to)
    if ($from === $to) return $array;
    $array2 = array_splice($array, $from);
    $element = array_shift($array2);
    $array = array_merge($array, $array2);
    $array2 = array_splice($array, $to);
    $array[] = $element;
    return array_merge($array, $array2);
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