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I am completely baffled while trying to use EasyMock. Does anybody know of a (very) gentle introduction to EasyMock?

I already heavily use TDD, and I use mocking (which I guess is almost a prerequisite for doing TDD). I have just never used a framework for mocking before.

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Here are some articles you might like:

You could also check out other mocking frameworks such as Mockito, PowerMock and JMockit.

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How about their own Documentation? http://easymock.org/EasyMock3_0_Documentation.html

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Have you tried this tutorial? http://www.vogella.de/articles/EasyMock/article.html

Do you already have a background in Test Driven Development? If not, I'd get my hands on a copy of Roy Osherove's book The Art of Unit Testing. http://artofunittesting.com/

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