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I have a module for a physical process simulation. Now I want to do a GUI for it. I've used PyQt to create application, which allows to control calculation, its parameters and graphical output. But there is a problem - if I want to add some new feature to simulation, then in addition to coding it in computational module, I need to create wrapper function for calling it in GUI module, GUI element for calling it, set up GUI representation and bind it to the function I need. That's annoying, because I need to write an amount of obvious code instead of working on logic. I have a few ideas on automatization of process, but first I want to ask: are there some recommended ways to reduce this boilerplate work?

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Welcome to GUI programming! :)

In PyQt, you can slightly reduce the amount of boilerplate by autoconnecting slots by name. You can also create any GUI element at runtime, without resorting to QtDesigner, so you can do things like generate a list of checkboxes in a for loop.

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