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Is there any function in a Util libary (commonsXXX or something else) that can rotate a Map.

By rotating I mean I have a Map<User,Set<Permission>> that should be "rotated" to Map<Permission,Set<User>>?

I know it is not hard to implement, but using a common existing library seems to be better in terms of "don't invent the wheel twice".

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Have you considered introducing a UserPermission class that sits between the many-to-many relationship? You could easily iterate over all your UserPermissions and create the two multimaps with the structure you want. –  Javid Jamae Aug 26 '11 at 13:42
@Javid Jamae: not so complicated, the maps must even not been connected. the rotated one can be a unconnected copy. –  Ralph Aug 26 '11 at 13:46

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I needed to do the same thing as what you describe, I used a multimap from commons-collections and wrote my own inverse function. (That was at least 3 years ago, using jdk1.4, so guava wasn't an option.)

But if you changed your original map to a SetMultimap (I prefer multimaps anyway when mapping keys to collections of values, since they make inserting values easier), then you could use

public static <K,V,M extends Multimap<K,V>> M invertFrom(Multimap<? extends V,? extends K> source,
                                         M dest)

Copies each key-value mapping in source into dest, with its key and value reversed.

    source - any multimap
    dest - the multimap to copy into; usually empty
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I didn't find this in the common libraries either, so here is my implementation:

public static <K, V> Map<V, Set<K>> invertMapToSet(Map<K, ? extends Set<V>> ksToVs) {
    Map<V, Set<K>> vsToKs = new HashMap<V, Set<K>>();
    for (Entry<K, ? extends Set<V>> kToVs : ksToVs.entrySet()) {
        for (V v : kToVs.getValue()) {
            Set<K> ks = vsToKs.get(v);
            if (ks == null) {
                ks = new HashSet<K>();
                vsToKs.put(v, ks);
    return vsToKs;
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I think it's quite unlikely you'll find something like that in some utility library.

I'm saying that because it's not a simple inversion you're looking for, but you'd also need to unpack the Permission objects from the original map values.

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yet Guava has it. :-) –  Kevin Bourrillion Aug 27 '11 at 7:54

Have a look at Guava's BiMap.inverse(). Otherwise you can use MapUtils.invertMap().

You probably thought of this, but reversing a map would require keys as well as values to be unique.

EDIT On a closer look, I'm pretty sure no publically available component will do that for you. I read the question as invert Map<A,B> to Map<B,A>.

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I'm not sure whether this will do. inverse() will return Map<Set<Permission>,User>. –  musiKk Aug 26 '11 at 13:23

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