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I am trying to use Spring Security to authenticate users against Active Directory. So far I was using LDAP protocol, but now I would like to use LDAPS.

I followed this article and it works. I was able to bind user against AD successfully using LDAPS.

But after a while (15 - 30min), when I try to log in, I get this exception again: unable to find valid certification path to requested target

and then I am no longer able to use LDAPS. I tried to:

  • restart tomcat
  • add certificate directly to cacerts
  • starting tomcat with path to trustStore by using env property

Only thing that works is to recreate jssecacerts completely. It is not enough just copy existing jssecacerts to jre/lib/security, it MUST be new file. I just do not understand...

My enviroment is: java 1.6.0_26, tomcat 7.0.20, spring 3.0.5, spring security 3.1RC2

Am I doing something wrong?


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Ok, so I probably found solution. I did not know that behind one Active Directory URL are many physical machine :) When I used InstallCert it rewrote and generated new keystore with only one current certificate. That was reason why it sometimes worked and sometimes did not. I also found that all certificates are signed by one CA. After adding CA's certificate to trustStore it started finally work.

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