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I have three tables:

|zipCodeId| primary key
|zipCode| indexed
|other columns...|

|locationDataId| primary key
|city| indexed
|other columns...|

|id| primary key
|zipCodeId| foreign key
|locationDataId| foreign key

My goal is to run a query for either zipcode or city, and get all of the data associated with it from the zip_code_data and location_data tables
For example, if a user searches for a zipcode, I want to pull back all of the data associated with that zipcode from both tables.

My first guess is to get the foreign keys first from the cross table (x_data, example below) and then use those to get the data from each respective table... Since i'm somewhat of a novice user I don't know the best way to do this.

SELECT x_data.zipCodeId, x_data.locationDataId
FROM x_data
INNER JOIN zip_code_data
ON x_data.zipCodeId=zip_code_data.zipCodeId
WHERE zip_code_data.zipCode LIKE '2322%'
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I was about to post:

SELECT zip.*,loc.*
FROM x_data xref
JOIN zip_code_data zip ON zip.zipCodeId=xref.zipCodeID
JOIN location_Data loc ON loc.locationDataID=xRef.locationDataID
WHERE zip.zipCode LIKE '2322%' or LIKE '%aaa%'

but it looks like you've already got it...

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You could create an inline view:

 select zips.othercolumn,
      from zips
           inner join x_data on = x_data_zip and like .....

           left join (
                select id, from locations
                where = x_data.locationid
           ) as LOCS

or just join the locations table:

           left join locations as locs on locs.locationid = x_data.locationid
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Thanks for the quick reply. I actually just figured it out another way right before you posted this. – Sababado Aug 26 '11 at 14:12
SELECT zip_code_data.*, location_data.* FROM x_data INNER JOIN zip_code_data ON x_data.zipCodeData_Id=zip_code_data.zipCodeId INNER JOIN location_data ON x_data.locationData_Id=location_data.locationDataId where zip_code_data.zipCode like '23221%' – Sababado Aug 26 '11 at 14:28

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