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What is the simplest way to run Hazelcast nodes on dedicated servers?

We have a web application that uses a Hazelcast distributed map. Currently the Hazelcast nodes are configured to run in the Servlet Container nodes.

As we scale up, we'd like to add dedicated hardware as Hazelcast nodes.

Then we won't need full Hazelcast nodes in the Servlet Containers anymore, those can be clients. (There are licensing costs associated with the Servlet Containers, so getting load off them is good, don't ask...)

So the question is, what's a minimal Hazelcast node installation? Something analogous to a memcached installation. All it needs to do is read configuration and start up, no local clients.

I see it supports Jetty, but is that needed at all, or is there some simple class in those jars I could execute on a JVM raw?

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Just create a simple class that calls HazelCast.init

There are a number of test classes in the com.hazelcast.examples package which can be run from the bin directory of the hazelcast distribution.

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java -server -cp hazelcast.jar com.hazelcast.examples.StartServer – Talip Ozturk Aug 26 '11 at 17:39
I would also add a path to a cluster node specific config (otherwise it'll just use a default one) java -server -cp hazelcast.jar -Dhazelcast.config=<path-to-this-node-hazelcast-conf.xml> com.hazelcast.examples.StartServer – tolitius Feb 20 '14 at 3:03

Szocske, we just tried this:

In summary,

java -cp hazelcast-2.0.3.jar com.hazelcast.examples.StartServer
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You can also simply run hazelcast/bin/ (the configuration file is hazelcast/bin/hazelcast.xml).

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