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I am looking for a local, relational datastore for a .net application.
The datastore should ideally behave as a basic database with SQL for data retrieval and definition and transaction capability. It should not need a server and be easy to redistribute (i.e. only need a dll in the app to access a single db file).
No support for access over the network is needed. It should provide a .net data provider and support linq-to-sql, as the purpose for this app is too deepen my skills in .NET 3.5.

Any ideas / recommendations for libraries / technologies that worked well for you in similar circumstances?

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SQL Server CE

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SQLite, maybe?

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If you want Linq to Sql then you must use a variant MSSQL. SQL Server Compact edition is the most light-weight database that supports Linq to Sql but you may want to go for Express edition instead since it supports stored procedures and other nice things.

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From what I gather, you can use any DB with a Linq to SQL provider. See kubasik.net/blog/2009/02/09/… for a Linq to SQL provider for SQLite. –  Einar Apr 6 '09 at 8:48
If I understand it correctly they use Linq to Entities there, not Linq to Sql. Not that the difference is huge... :-) –  Rune Grimstad Apr 6 '09 at 9:22

Sql server Express

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