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I would like to send some data to a web service which accept only a json object. I will use curl to make the HTTP POST but I am wondering it there is a library to create a json object in bash.

Another requirement is to avoid installation of other packages (rpm/apt-get) but only other bash files as libraries.

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The place to look is json.org –  glenn jackman Aug 26 '11 at 14:17

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This is an example taken form BigQuery API

curl -H "Authorization: GoogleLogin auth=<<YOUR_TOKEN>>" \
-H "Content-type: application/json" \
-d '{"params":{"q":"select count(*) from [bigquery/samples/shakespeare];"},"method":"bigquery.query"}' \
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Checkout TickTick.

It's a true Bash JSON parser.

A stringifier should be in the works shortly, (but it wouldn't be difficult to create your own just using bash's foreach).

. /path/to/ticktick.sh

# File
DATA=`cat data.json`
# cURL
#DATA=`curl http://foobar3000.com/echo/request.json`

tickParse "$DATA"

echo ``pathname``
echo ``headers["user-agent"]``
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I recommand Jshon. http://kmkeen.com/jshon/

It is designed to be as usable as possible from within the shell and replaces fragile adhoc parsers made from grep/sed/awk as well as heavyweight one-line parsers made from perl/python.

Requires Jansson,But you can build a static link version.

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