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I've started localizing my Symfony project but when I tried to use the __() function inside actions.class.php it came up with an error: Call to undefined function __(). The texts I have inside actions class are the form's labels and errors.

How can I localize these labels and errors if I am not allowed to use __() function? Is the simple translation into the catalogue enough? The same question applies for the Form classes.

Thank you.

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in form $this->widgetSchema->setLabel('foobar'); will be automaticly translated: http://www.symfony-project.org/forms/1_4/en/08-Internationalisation-and-Localisation

the __() function usually works only in the templates with enabled i18n helper. if you want to translate something in the action you will have to load the helper there. sfLoader::loadHelpers(array('I18n'));

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