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Assuming you have a MacRuby application with an NSExceptionHandler delegate hooked up like so:

exception_handler = NSExceptionHandler.defaultExceptionHandler
exception_handler.exceptionHandlingMask = NSLogAndHandleEveryExceptionMask
exception_handler.delegate = my_delegate

Your delegate can retrieve an array containing call stack addresses easily enough:

def exceptionHandler(sender, shouldLogException:exception, mask:aMask)
    addresses = exception.userInfo[NSStackTraceKey]
    return false

Is it possible to convert these addresses into human readable form in a way that is likely to work on an end user's machine?

Apple's Controlling a Program’s Response to Exceptions documentation suggests executing the atos command line tool, but also mentions that this will only work on machines that have had the Developer Tools installed.

The C function backtrace_symbols looks promising, but is it possible to call this from inside MacRuby?

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Just a humble suggestion: why not writing a simple Obj-C wrapper around backtrace_symbols, then call it from MacRuby?

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