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1. I'm programmatically adding a UILabel to my view in the initializer and adding a gesturerecognizer. Then I have other UILabels added in the IB nib file (and each of them also have a gesture recognizer)

I can see my UILabel on top but when I touch the screen the other (nib file UILabels) gesture recognizers are triggered.

I was wondering why, if I see my UIview on top, I can only interact with the views on bottom.

2. -(void)awakeFromNib is never invoked. Why ?


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1 - is something over the top of your UILabels that has userInteractionEnabled = YES? Do the UILabels from the nib have userInteractionEnabled checked?

2 - if you're using initWithNibName:bundle: awakeFromNib is not called. awakeFromNib is only called if the object in question was stored IN a nib. If you're using initWithNibName you need to provide that method in your class.

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Damned userInterfactionEnabled, I always forget it. I see why awakeFromNib doesn't work. (But, is it supposed to work from a UIViewController in some circumstances ?). And yeah, I posted on apple forum as well :) – Patrick Aug 26 '11 at 19:16
Do you understand the difference between storing a view controller in a nib, and creating one with initWithNibName? Every object that is stored in a nib has awakeFromNib called on it when it is loaded. If you are creating a view controller in code using initWithNibName, awakeFromNib will NOT be called. – jsd Aug 26 '11 at 21:45

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