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Like, should I read this book: iOS Programming before starting with this book: Learning Cocos2D, or could I just start with the second book right away? I'm going to make iOS games, not utilities etc. I know Objective-C.

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You don't need to. Cocos2D only requires you to create a Cocos view and manages all the UIKit stuff behind the scenes, however you will miss on some interesting Apple-provided frameworks.

If you want to use geolocation, send emails, open SMS, add advertisement, play music from the user's Library, synch into Game Center, allow in-app purchases, you will need UIKit. My advice is therefore: go into Cocos2D first to have something fun rolling, and then learn what you need to make your game better/more profitable.

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It would be useful to have a bit of knowledge of UIKit and some of the other Apple provided Frameworks before you dive in but otherwise no. You can jump right in with Cocos2D if you are familiar with Objective-C

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There are benefits to knowing the frameworks and general iOS development practices before plunging right in with Cocos2D. There are things that you may want or need to configure or program outside of a graphics engine, such as game settings integrated with the System Settings, Game Center integration, audio frameworks usage, etc.

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There is of course no hard and fast rule, but will definitely help you in the longer run.

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