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I have an index.html on server A.

In index.html I embed a swf from server B.

The swf contains a init with"alert", "externalalert");

When I run the swf on server B it works, when I run the swf through the index.html on server A I get an : Security sandbox violation: ExternalInterface caller...

It does work in IE.

Does anybody know what I'm doing wrong.


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The fix is to add"*");

in your AS code. ExternalInterface requires the allowDomain to be set when HTML-SWF cross-scripting is performed.

Note that you will also need to set allowScriptAccess="always" in the swf embed tags to allow cross-scripting.

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You are doing nothing wrong. This is a restriction of the Flash player. Interacting between different domains is not allowed. You could try to use a crossdomain.xml. (But I do not know if this works you ExternalInterfaces). More Information can be found here:

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