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There are quite a few questions here on SO about the following meta tag not being HTML5 compliant and therefore will not validate when using <!DOCTYPE html>:

<meta http-equiv="imagetoolbar" content="no">

I also know this tag is specifically for one purpose alone: hiding the toolbar that appears when you hover your mouse over any image in Internet Explorer.

However, I could not find out in exactly which versions of Explorer this is applicable. When I Googled it, most results only mention IE6, but these threads/pages were posted back in 2004. I'm wondering if that's because the feature was dropped in IE7+.

I do not care about IE6, but if this meta tag is applicable to IE7, IE8, IE9, etc. I'll need to decide if I want to find an alternative method.

Exactly which versions of Internet Explorer enable the annoying Image Toolbar feature that is disabled via the meta tag above?

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Apparently, the Image Toolbar was only a feature in IE6. It was replaced with the contextual menu (right-click) in subsequent versions.

IE6 is dead so I won't be concerned about not using this meta tag any longer.

Supplemental information:

Regarding IE8

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@ZacharySchuessler, the dead link was superfluous to the answer itself, which is still fully "self-contained". – Sparky Dec 13 '12 at 16:05

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