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opens up a split buffer on the top by default.

How do I give the split command so that the new buffer is opened up as the "bottom" buffer right away? (I don't want to do a C-w-r which I am aware rotates the buffer so that my newly opened buffer gets rotated to the bottom)

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:belowright split will open the new window on the bottom regardless of whether or not you have set splitbelow. Similarly, :aboveleft split will open the new window at the top regardless of the 'splitbelow' setting.

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Aha. great tip. definitely prefer this solution that saves me the hassle of modifying .vimrc Cool! – Calvin Cheng Aug 26 '11 at 16:29

Add set splitbelow to your .vimrc. Similarly there is an option splitright for vertical splits.

See :help splitbelow and :help splitright for more info.

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