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I need to be able to execute some shell commands such as moving to the right directory where I have some files I need to decode and then decoding them using another command. I read some stuff about using popen but I didnt really understand how to use it for executing multiple commands.

Any pointers will be greatly appreciated :)


FILE *pf;
char command[150];
char data[512];

// Execute a process listing
sprintf(command, "cd");
pf = _popen(command,"r"); 

sprintf(command, "cd Test_copy");
pf = _popen(command,"r");   */

sprintf(command, "java -jar Tool.jar -b x.csv"); 
pf = _popen(command,"r"); 

  fprintf(stderr, "Could not open pipe for output.\n");

// Grab data from process execution
fgets(data, 512 , pf);

// Print grabbed data to the screen.
fprintf(stdout, "-%s-\n",data); 

if (_pclose(pf) != 0)
    fprintf(stderr," Error: Failed to close command stream \n");
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A brief example of what you are doing would be helpful. For more than 1 command, simply call popen as many times as you need. You may find useful. – mloskot Aug 26 '11 at 16:46

Use ShellExecute to play with files (open with default application etc.). Use system to run shell commands.

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I tried using this -> res = ShellExecute(NULL, L"open", L"C:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\cmd.exe", L"java -jar Tool.jar -b test.csv", L"C:\\Test_Copy2", SW_SHOWNORMAL); It opens the command prompt but doesnt execute the command! – Yousra Aug 26 '11 at 21:52
@Yousra: Did you try it with system? – Jacob Aug 26 '11 at 22:40
I tried to, but I dont think I did it right because it just opened another command prompt! Can you please show me how you'd do that? Thanks – Yousra Aug 26 '11 at 22:43

No, don't. That would be like using a sledgehammer to knock on a door. Furthermore, it is "evil":

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