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SOLR results are normally ordered by "best match" of your search criteria. Is it possible to order the results alphabetically by a given SOLR field?

I realize that this is not a typical use case, but here's my motivation. We have quite a lot of code written around SOLR that performs queries based on user searches against the various fields of our data. Most of the time, we want a relevancy ordering (i.e. best matches first).

But one anomalous use-case requires that we return data ordered alphabetically by field. I could perform this query using our SQL database (avoiding SOLR altogether), but I'd have to replicate an awful lot of code that's tailored around consuming SOLR results (facets in particular). I'm hoping to use the same code path, if it's possible to get such an ordering from SOLR.

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Yes, you just have to set the sort parameter to field-name

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Ah, so simple. "&sort=field_name+asc" is what I needed. Thank you. –  Caffeine Coma Aug 26 '11 at 17:11

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