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I'm using a replica set in mongo, one of the clients connecting to the set is a Rails app using MongoMapper as object mapper. I want to make sure in case I receive a Mongo::ConnectionFailure because something went wrong with one of the nodes it will reconnect properly, the official Mongodb documents state that it is the responsibility of the client to rescue/reconnect.

Now, I could just add a rescue block as an around filter, but that hardly seems like a good solution ( not the controllers reponsability for sure).

What would be a good place to rescue/reconnect short of adding it to MongoMapper?

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This is actually a tough problem. You can get this error for a bunch of reasons.

  1. The replica set is completely unavailable.
  2. The mongos process is unavailable (in sharded configs)
  3. The replica set is in the process of electing a new primary.

Ideally, #3 is the most common cause.

In the case of #3, you can catch the exception, wait a second and retry. You may need to retry a few times before you give up (what if it's #1?)

So the case you typically want to handle is a change in primaries which generally takes a few seconds. However, you can't wait forever so you still have to be able to handle a "failure" after some number of seconds.

This exception handling code probably belongs somewhere in the MongoMapper code. And hey it's OSS, so that can be done. But recognize that there are several potential reasons for a connection failure, so even the example in the docs may not be sufficient.

When using replica sets, you'll also want to consider your write concern. These can also throw exceptions, including some form of "not master" exception which probably requires some special log as well.

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Thanks for the answer! I agree the best place to add any code would be MM however I'm not running a sharded mongo, and in the end 3 and 1 are the same for the point of view of the clients, I mean whether the set chose a new primary or it is gone the clients should keep trying to reconnect or is there something in there that should be dealt with differently? – Camilo Aug 26 '11 at 20:14
So the question is really about what the client expects to receive. There's a difference between "we could not access the DB for 5 seconds" and "we cannot access the DB at all". Also many clients would rather just wait a few seconds instead of receiving the error. But you can't wait forever. So you have to balance "retry the query" with "send error to client". – Gates VP Aug 27 '11 at 0:43

As far as I know MongoMapper uses the mongodb driver, which does not reconnect. You probably should use Mongoid, that have that feature than.

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