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The idea is that the page /something/index.html is loaded. But, before I show it, its dependencies (css and images in this case) are preloaded.

    load: ['/something/styles.css', '/something/image1.jpg'],
    complete: showFile

I've looked into Paul Irish's "imagesLoaded" jQuery plug in, but I prefer the simplicity of using the loader I already have. I know YepNope (and Modernizr.load) aren't designer as generic preloaders, but I feel like this is the cleanest way to do this.

Would appreciate any thoughts on how to implement image preloading into a Modernizr/YepNope load script.


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On the yepnope documentation, it is specified that the preload! prefix "should" work on some other mime types.

You can try


This work for me.

Don't forget to add the prefix plugin (else you will get an error when the js engine tries to execute the image) :

yepnope.addPrefix( 'preload', function ( resource ) {
    resource.noexec = true;
    return resource;
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I tried the preload call a dozen times and never once thought that I needed to extend yepnope with the plugin (I just assumed it was part of the script). Thanks for proving my reading comprehension isn't where it should be! –  nathanziarek Oct 5 '11 at 20:02
That was easy, thank you! –  David Taiaroa Mar 8 '13 at 13:38

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