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We want to make a Login System for a web service based iPhone app, where users can upload and download data.

We are confused whether we should design our own system OR use 3rd party like Facebook to authenticate users.

On the first sight, the 'Facebook' method seems beneficial, as user is saved from creating yet another account, & we from creating a robust login system.

But, we also few doubts with 'Facebook' method, like what if they change their API, maybe say 1-2 years down the line, and leave us with no option but to update the app... which means a 'panic' & at least 6 days delay... & of course, negative app store reviews!

Is our doubt significant, or are we safe with 'Facebook'!

Kindly give your opinion...


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Adding as a comment as I don't currently have a more full-answer, but if you want to mitigate against a third party API Change causing problems in your app, you could abstract out the authentication sufficiently that you can drop in another auth method at short notice - For example, when users sign up from Facebook, make sure you capture an email address, then even if you later cannot use Facebook auth for some reason, the user could request that you send them a new or temporary login token / password to their email address –  Igy Aug 26 '11 at 18:32

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Don't rely on facebook only. not everyone has a facebook account, and many are leery of giving up access to their facebook account for your app.

Try open id. This is the auth mechanism used for SO. It is SSO like and allows users to choose what account they want to use for authentication; google,yahoo, facebook etc.


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thanks... but we just made our own... no dependency what so ever! –  BufferStack Sep 1 '11 at 12:10

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