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How do you or your company require designers to deliver their assets to coders? Do they deliver a PSD? A series of 24-bit PNGs?

If you are a coder, what would you include in a best-practice guideline to designers? If you are a designer, what questions would you like to see answered in such a document?

Here are some ideas:

  • Generally:
    • include designs for mouse-over and mouse-down states for all buttons and other interactive elements, as well as the normal state.
    • for toggle buttons, this can also include different states for both selected and unselected modes, for 6 states total: normal, over, down.
    • in drop-downs, lists, etc, please design a selected and unselected state for each item, if appropriate, especially where the content varies.
    • Flash is strictly an sRGB colorspace. If creating assets for Flash, make sure that your deliverables look how you expect it in sRGB.
  • If delivering assets as a PSD, please:
    • label all layers clearly.
    • make sure that the dimensions of your document exactly match the dimensions of the application

What else would you include in a Visual Asset Delivery Best Practices document?

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I do it all myself. Let the artists do what they do best. The I do because they generally won't understand what needs to be done and in the time it takes to explain it it would be done already – The_asMan Aug 26 '11 at 19:52
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When delivery is in the form of a PSD, I'm a huge fan of Layer Comps. They save me the trouble of having to click through the layer's palette to see how the comp should look at various states.

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