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I have a piece of text that resembled the following:


#lots of lines of text


#this is what I actually want

And so I was trying to remove the unwanted bit by doing:

str.gsub!(/==EX.*?==EXCLUDE/, '')

However, its not working. When I tried to remove the \n chars first, it worked like a dream. The issue is that I can't actually remove the \n characters. How can I do a substitution like this while leaving newlines in place?

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By default, the . does not match line break chars. If you enable the m modifier in Ruby (in other languages, this is the s modifier) it should work:

str.gsub!(/==EX.*?==EXCLUDE/m, '')

Here's a live demo on Rubular:

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Try str.gsub!(/==EX.*?==EXCLUDE/m, '')

That should make it span new lines.

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Assuming you want to retain line breaks for the ==EXCLUDE lines, the second gsub arg should probably be "\n\n". – JellicleCat Aug 26 '11 at 19:32

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