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I have a situation in which two cookies have the same name but slightly different domains (cookie1 has the domain whereas cookie2 has sub-domain inclusive

cookies[ :cookie_name ] = { :value => "test_value_cookie_1", :domain => "" }
cookies[ :cookie_name ] = { :value => "test_value_cookie_2", :domain => "" }

I want to detect when both cookies exist, but unfortunately I can't out figure how to access a cookie by it's own domain. I can say

if cookies[ :cookie_name ].blank?

but how do I say

if cookies[ :cookie_name, :domain => "" ].blank?


if cookies[ :cookie_name ].domain[ "" ].blank?

I'm using "actionpack-2.3.11/lib/action_controller/cookies". I don't understand why you can set information like the domain, but not access it.

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Apparently what I wanted to do was impossible. The HTTP spec only allows cookies to be accessed by name even though they can be set by domain:

When requesting a URL from an HTTP server, the browser will match the URL against all cookies and if any of them match, a line containing the name/value pairs of all matching cookies will be included in the HTTP request. Here is the format of that line: Cookie: NAME1=OPAQUE_STRING1; NAME2=OPAQUE_STRING2 ...

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What did you do about it? I am stuck at similar situation. –  shreyj May 15 '14 at 7:31
We gave up and redesigned things so it wouldn't be an issue anymore. One could try giving the two cookies different names. –  Ethan Heilman May 15 '14 at 13:08

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