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I need to run testng testng Testcases on various host, version, browser and port , For example 192.xxx.xx.10 , ver34,Firefox/IE , 5555 to 5560, here version nothing but a different URL of the application. so i feel better to pass these parameters to start selenium rc. Is it possible how can i achive this? Here my expectaion is:

1) select the RC available on machine3 + version 34 + *firefox + 5555 2) select the RC available on machine2 + version 45 + *explore + 4445

with single testNg.xml, I kept my sources on CVS based on the local properties file on every system testNg.xml if react it will be much helper. Thanks in advance, Mani

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You can define system properties when launching the JVM (-Dfoo=bar) and TestNG will turn these into parameters, similar to the <parameters> used in testng.xml.

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Thanks, its working. –  Mani Jul 13 '12 at 6:37

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