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Hello I'm trying to delete a specific input in mongo db... I am using the mongolian client, and I'm sorry I haven't managed to grasp the API yet...

this attempt is failing

     posts.dropIndex({}, function(err){  //this query must be wrong
    res.render('blog_edit', {locals:{title:'Failure to delete from DB'}}); //this is what I get...
        posts.find({}).toArray(function(err, arr){
      if(err) throw err

      res.render('blog_edit', {locals:{title:'Success!', posts: arr }});

please provide some help... thanks in advance!

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Finally I managed to do what I wanted by using remove instead of dropIndex , still for some reason indexing by _id was not possible so I used title:

posts.remove({}, function(err){ //this will work

this will not work:

posts.remove({}, function(err){ //this will NOT work
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