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I've following code snippet in my unit test,

ClassToBeMocked mock = createMock(ClassToBeMocked.class); //I've statically imported EasyMock.*
mock.callMethod(); //This is a void method

But when I run the test, instead of seeting up the expectaion, callMethod() is actually called. Am I doing something wrong?

I'm fairly new to EasyMock or any mocking framework and blocked because of this problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, AndyS

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Is ClassToBeMocked a concrete class or an interface? Also, which version of EasyMock are you using? – Giorgos Dimtsas Aug 26 '11 at 22:38
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This will happen if you are mocking a class with a 'final' method. EasyMock does not override a final method. If you cannot mock an interface, and you cannot change the method to non-final, you can use PowerMock along with EasyMock to get around this limitation. That specific use case is described here.

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