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I have the following code:

         $referrals = inputFilter($_POST['referralsIds']);
         $array =explode(",",$referrals);

         foreach($array as $key=>$value):

            $s=mysql_query("SELECT * FROM users WHERE upline='".$userdata['id']."' AND id='$value'");

                return 2;

        // No error found and the update was succesful - Return success!            
            mysql_query("UPDATE users SET upline='' WHERE id='$value'");
            mysql_query("UPDATE users SET rbalance=rbalance-".$sdata['direct_delete_fee'].", direct_referrals=direct_referrals-1 WHERE username='".$userdata['username']."'");

            return 100; 


The $referrals variable is posting two values (10,11).But when I put it in a foreach loop, it will only run the query with the first value (10). How to do so it run through ALL values submitted?


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your return statements will exit the loop when its run the first time – knittl Aug 26 '11 at 20:32
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You have a return 100 inside your for loop. It's terminating the loop on its first iteration.

return statements terminate the enclosing function. If you need to return multiple results, consider pushing them onto an array and then returning the array once you're done.

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Thanks! It's working now. – Oliver 'Oli' Jensen Aug 26 '11 at 20:51

You have code returning before the end of your for each

     return 100; //HERE

You probably want:

return 100;
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So you have two values, then you explode it ? :O But i think you meant $array.

You have return 100 which will return from the function, and as well from foreach.

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You are returning 100 from whatever function you're in on the first iteration of the loop. returning will cause the loop to stop immediately.

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