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What I have:

I'm using node.js with the express framework and I'm building a form where I can upload files, I'm using node-formidable for this.

What's the problem

My problem is that I can't close the request if I found an error with the uploaded files. I want to check file types, size etc.. So I can get the proper files uploaded, and the files are actually not uploaded so I don't waste time.

So the problem is that I can't stop the HTTP request.

What I have tried

Here is what I have tried so far:

response.end('something went wrong...');

I assume that the connection.destroy() aborts the request, and I know this because it fires the formidables form abort event (form.on('abort', function(){ ... })) But the file is still uploading, and the response doesn't arrives just after the file was uploaded.

So how should I close the HTTP Request, and send a message back to the client?

EDIT: And something else, when I don't use response.end() then it works, except that the Client waits for the the answer, it's weird :\

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Try with following code:

  1. When your server side validation fails, give a response like:

    res.json({'IsFileUploaded':'false', 'requiredFileSize': '1000bytes', 'actualFileSize': '800bytes', 'AlertMsg':'File size should be at least 1000 bytes....'})

    It closes connection as well as you can pass your data in JSON format

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The correct way for doing this is:

response.status = 400;
response.end('something went wrong...');


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