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I'm working on a Rails3 project with video encoding through Zencoder, assets are stored on Amazon S3.

:thumbnails => {
  :number => 5,
  :size => "620x465",
  :base_url => "s3://my_bucket/path/to/asset/thumbnails/"

I'm creating 5 thumbnails for each video encoded, and each PNG (same ratio as the video: 620x465) weight about 600 Ko.

Is it possible to preserve ratio but optimize the weight ?

I can set the format to JPG but I can't see any other option in Zencoder API: https://app.zencoder.com/docs/api/encoding/thumbnails

Thx !

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Is there anybody here? –  Fro_oo Sep 9 '11 at 15:17

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Here's the Zencoder support answer:

This is something that we're hoping to add in the future, though I don't know of a definite timeline right now. Keep an eye on our blog and newsletter and we'll announce it when the option is available.

I hope they will soon :-)

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