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I am trying to test a controller in my rails app under a specific condition that should raise an error and log it. I got the raise test working great but I would like to make sure the logger gets called, so far I tried this, but it is not working

  it 'logs the error' do
    get 'edit', {:id => 'banana'}

ps i am using Mocha

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I figured out exactly what I wanted, for example:

 Rails.logger.expects(:error).with('this error message')

Is how you can use mocha to assert that a specific error message is being logged.

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Using rspec you would write:

Rails.logger.should_receive(:error).with("your error message")
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With rails 4, the right way to do it is the following

expect(Rails.logger).to receive(:error).with("your error message")
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A quick Google search elicited this. It seems to detail a number of logging scenarios and offers testing solutions.

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Thanks for the suggestion, I found that too, but it was a little heavier than I wanted to commit to. I figured something else out. –  Matthew Aug 29 '11 at 21:07

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