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I was using the user_photo_video_tags permission, but after it was announced that it would be deprecated, I switched the permission to user_photos.

Without user_photo_video_tags and with only user_photos, I get the following response when making an authenticated call to 'me/photos':

  "data": [

but with user_photo_video_tags I get the correct response with tagged photos and uploaded photos.

Isn't user_photos + user_videos supposed to be equivalent to user_photo_video_tags? Why am I getting different results?

(there are a few similar questions out there, but I do not believe they are the same use case)

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Not sure what you're seeing here. I can try it using the Graph API Explorer with user_photos, and I get the expected results:

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Right, but you also most likely have "user_photo_video_tags" ticked off by default (which you cannot remove in the explorer for some reason) – JackCA Aug 27 '11 at 4:11

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