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Is there an easy way to make a number picker for windows phone 7 that looks like a timepicker control? I want go have custom ranges of 0-99 : 0-59 . 0-9 while keeping the native windows phone look. Google, bing, and msdn seem to be very vague with information on the subject.

I found an article that describes exactly what I want to do here. My problem is that the article is old and if I type toolkit: in my XAML code, no suggestion comes up for a loopingselector. If I go into my toolbox, right click, choose items. There are no controls for a loopingselector or infinite list selector.

The source code also doesn't work.

I am kind of at a loss on what to do here.

I am using Visual Studio 2010 / c#4.0.

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The easiest way is to add a reference to the recent August WP7 Silverlight Toolkit release to your project using NuGet and then add the following namespace reference to the top of your xaml


You should then be able to use code like this:

<toolkitPrimitives:LoopingSelector ... />
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Make sure that you are using the right namespace. LoopingSelector is in Microsoft.Phone.Controls.Primitives namespace. So your xmlns should be something like:

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