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I have some nested models that look something like:

class Company
  has_many :managers

class Manager
  has_many :employees

class Employee
  has_many :tasks

class Task

So that's all fine but what if I'm in the Company controller and I want to get all the Task.ids for all of the employees in that company? The big problem is that Mongoid doesn't have like has_many :through => resource_name like AR does so how can I avoid something ugly like:

@company = Company.find params[:id]

@company.managers.each do |manager|
  manager.employees.each do |employee|
    employee.tasks.each do |task|
      puts task.id
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Perhaps there's a Rails way to do this that I don't know, but you could just use some simple Ruby trickery:

puts @company.managers.map(&:employees).flatten.map(&:tasks).flatten.map(&:id)
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