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Ok, I am a COMPLETE beginner, but in order to complete a website I am working on I need to create a lightbox that appears when clicked on a link.

The website I am creating is a portfolio of an artists work and I need to learn the jQuery that would mean that they can click on a photo and a div fades in with a larger version of that photo.

The smaller images are stored in a folder called "Portfolio" and the Lightbox image is stored in a folder called "lightbox".

The main problem I am having is not so much the lightbox but the image that shows up, how can I get the correct image to appear? Do I need an id in my div that corresponds to the jQuery?

Thanks for the help.

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The image that pops up is always the one that the thumbnail is linked to. In the following case, the image.jpg file from the lightbox folder will pop up when the thumbnail is clicked.

<a href="lightbox/image.jpg" rel="lightbox">
    <img src="portfolio/image-thumb.jpg" alt="..." />

Hope this helps!

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Ok, thanks but how do I get it to fade in ie. whats the jQuery? – Callum Aug 27 '11 at 2:28
If you only need the lightbox functionality, you don't have to use jQuery. My code referred to a little nice plugin (which is apparently based on the Prototype framework), which is very easy to use and doesn't need any coding at all. See – Artyom Aug 27 '11 at 2:33
Ok, but for my school assignment I need to create it by myself (although I need to confirm that, so I may just use this one for now). – Callum Aug 27 '11 at 2:34

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