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I am processing my background jobs using Resque. My model looks like this

class SomeClass
  repo = Repo.find(params[:repo_id])
  Resque.enqueue(ReopCleaner, repo.id)

class RepoCleaner
  @queue = :repo_cleaner

  def self.perform(repo_id)
    puts "this must get printed in console"
    repo = Repo.find(repo_id)    
    # some more action here

Now to test in synchronously i have added

Resque.inline = Rails.env.test?

in my config/initializers/resque.rb file

This was supposed to call #perform method inline without queuing it into Redis and without any Resque callbacks as Rails.env.test? returns true in test environment.


"this must get printed in console"

is never printed while testing. and my tests are also failing.

Is there any configurations that i have missed. Currently i am using

resque (1.17.1)
resque_spec (0.7.0)
resque_unit (0.4.0)


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Did you try running it without resque_spec and resque_unit? –  bonyiii Oct 10 '12 at 11:43

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I personally test my workers different. I use RSpec and for example in my user model I test something like this:

it "enqueue FooWorker#create_user" do
  mock(Resque).enqueue(FooWorker, :create_user, user.id)

Then I have a file called spec/workers/foo_worker_spec.rb with following content:

require 'spec_helper'

describe FooWorker do

  describe "#perform" do
    it "redirects to passed action" do


Then your model/controller tests run faster and you don't have the dependency between model/controller and your worker in your tests. You also don't have to mock so much things in specs which don't have to do with the worker.

But if you wan't to do it like you mentioned, it worked for me some times ago. I put Resque.inline = true into my test environment config.

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Thanks for a different approach, but my concern is, even though i put Resque.inline = true in my initializer/resque.rb file its not working not as expected. ie the puts statement is not executed. –  Gagan Aug 28 '11 at 2:07
But is it only the put which won't work? Try to execute something like echo bla > /tmp/test –  spangenberg Aug 28 '11 at 2:47
I think both approaches are valid. If you want end-to-end specs, then Resque.inline = true works. If you are writing model specs, then it is not necessary. –  B Seven Jun 4 at 19:27

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