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Hey just wondering how I can draw multiple rectangle objects in C# but have there yPosition updated say 10 pixels each time, so each new rectangle will be drawn 10px on top of the previous.

Here is the rectangle I am trying to work with

Rectangle hozBarRect = new Rectangle(xPos_ + VERT_BAR_WIDTH, yPos_, HOZ_BAR_WIDTH, HOZ_BAR_HEIGHT);

So this rectangle needs to be drawn around 6 times with a new yPosition each time.

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for (int shift = 0; shift < 6; shift++)
    Rectangle hozBarRect = new Rectangle(xPos_ + VERT_BAR_WIDTH, yPos_ + (10 * shift), HOZ_BAR_WIDTH, HOZ_BAR_HEIGHT);

    // Draw the rectangle here

You just keep adding the loop index * 10 to the yPos each time.

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Thanks mate, worked perfectly :D –  Dan Aug 27 '11 at 3:40

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