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I was given a CUDA file which had #include within and the file compiles completely fine under an unix environment, but the moment i throw it on cygwin the compiler complains "Cannot open include file: 'sys/resource.h': No such file or directory". So I googled around the problem for a few hours and gathered the following information (that are relevant to my idea): * cygwin comes with sys/resource.h in its usr/include directory. * "Although a variety of POSIX style shells is supported on Windows, nvcc will still assume the Microsoft Visual Studio compiler for host compilation. Use of gcc is not supported on Windows."

Any ideas how I can overcome this problem?

A few attempts I made: *been trying to use -I for a while but somehow it's still not finding it... *throwing the relevant files into the nvcc path folder, returned all these errors on duplicate of variable names etc with visual studio compilers.

EDIT: not sure if these are relevant (but tried them anyway without luck)...

--input-drive-prefix prefix -idp On Windows platforms, all command line arguments that refer to file names must be converted to Windows native format before they are passed to pure Windows executables. This option specifies how the 'current' development environment represents absolute paths. Use '-idp /cygwin/' for CygWin build environments, and '-idp /' for Mingw. --dependency-drive-prefix prefix -ddp On Windows platforms, when generating dependency files (option -M), all file names must be converted to whatever the used instance of 'make' will recognize. Some instances of 'make' have trouble with the colon in absolute paths in native Windows format, which depends on the environment in which this 'make' instance has been compiled. Use '- ddp /cygwin/' for a CygWin make, and '-ddp /' for Mingw. Or leave these file names in native Windows format by specifying nothing.

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Are you using the Microsoft compiler or gcc? gcc isn't supported on Windows and although many have tried, all have failed. You must using cl.exe to compile, even when using cygwin. –  talonmies Aug 27 '11 at 4:23
i'm using nvcc which is nvidia's compiler for CUDA code (an extension of C used for GPGPU). and as mentioned above it automatically uses Microsoft's compiler (source from nvidia's documentation) for the c part of the code. –  Jonie Shih Aug 27 '11 at 4:32
Are you using angle brackets: #include <sys/resource.h> or double quotes: #include "sys/resource.h" I'd bet you're using angle brackets, but I just wanted to check the simple things first. –  M. Tibbits Aug 29 '11 at 1:04
that was my first suspicion too actually, so i tried quotes just to for the sake of an attempt. failed so revertede back to angles. –  Jonie Shih Aug 29 '11 at 2:15
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