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I'm working on a service that needs to be able to read items from users' calendars. It needs to work whether the user is using Google Calendar, Exchange, Hotmail/Live, iCal, etc...

I want to do this (effectively):

calendar = Login(emailaddress, password); // Works for @hotmail.com, @gmail.com...
// For every item in the users' calendar extract the location of the meeting
for each (item in calendar)   
   location = item.Location;

I figure someone must have built some code that abstracts away the varied ways you login to these services and access the objects. But I haven't found anything yet. Any pointers would be appreciated. I don't really care what it's written in (Ruby, Python, C#, Java) as long as I can wrap it.

UPDATE: I've been able to get something working against the Google Calendar using the Google Calendar API. In the process I came across CalDAV and the fact that Google, Yahoo, and Apple support it. I'm going to focus on CalDAV for now, and then probably plumb in Hotmail/Live and Exchange later. I really only need the calendar event times and location so this should not be too challenging.

UPDATE 2: I have discovered DDay.iCal. I'd like to use this as my top level abstraction within my app. But I still have not found anything that will help me connect to, and interact with each of the popular mail systems. Nor have I found any code that shows how to layer DDay.ICal over CalDAV (which, theoretically, would give me Google, Yahoo, and Apple). Anyone?

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There is a calendar REST API for Hotmail which is available in beta form as part of the developer preview of the Live SDK. This is also a beta interactive SDK for the REST API which you can try out at http://beta.isdk.dev.live.com. Just try out the query "/me/calendars"

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Sweet. Thanks Dare. So now all is left is Exchange. Gawd I hope I don't have do deal with MAPI.... –  tig Oct 31 '11 at 1:19

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