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I installed SQL Server configuration manager and management studio version 2005, on windows 7 Ultimate.

I added a game server to the database and everything worked fine till where I started configuring the game's database and I was prompted to restart/stop/start the server, this is where I was baffled by the errors. I know there are several ways you can do this restart, but I cannot seem to get any to work for issues unknown to me.

I have tried running cmd prompt using the commands:

 net stop mssql server

also tried manually doing it from management studio, where the option to restart in the pull down menu appears to be unavailable.

It's helpful if I could get rid of this problem before I can move on to extensive table editing as this itself is being a major pain.

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Is there an error message regarding the registry? – Brian Webster Aug 27 '11 at 6:13
Is that it showing any error message number? – Abdul Rahman Aug 27 '11 at 6:13
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From the start menu, run: services.msc

Scroll down to Sql Server (SQLEXPRESS)

  • Replace "SQLEXPRESS" with your instance name

Right click --> Restart

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