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I have a set of book names which I am adding to a Books table. The names are all copied from amazon website

1.The Winter King (The Arthur Books #1)
2.Enemy of God (The Arthur Books #2)

when I add these to the table ,and later try a query using the exact name,I get no results.I tried postgres and h2 databases.

Finally,when I listed the items using

>>select b.name from Books b;

The Winter King (The Arthur Books
Enemy of God (The Arthur Books

It seems that the # character is omitted..So,how do I get around this?Do I have to modify all my data by removing the # character from the entries? or is there a workaround?

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When using CSV import (CSVREAD) in an older version of H2, then the # character is parsed as a line comment. This is no longer the case by default for H2 version 1.3.150 and newer, as described in the change log.

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playframework uses h2 for testing.I came across this problem there..Is this an issue with postgres too? – Damon Julian Aug 27 '11 at 8:11
How do you import the data? – Thomas Mueller Aug 27 '11 at 12:06
I put it in a yaml file and let the application load it at startup – Damon Julian Aug 28 '11 at 16:39
Could you append ;TRACE_LEVEL_FILE=3 to the H2 database URL, and then verify what is inserted in to the database by looking at the .trace.db file? (works in H2 only) – Thomas Mueller Aug 29 '11 at 4:54

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