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I am not able to play flv movie on the sever it gives an error :

GET http://sagebridgedigital.com/client/michelangelos/index.php/Clear_Skin_1.swf 404 (Not Found) in chrome.

Whereas skin is on the root of the site Here is the url

Without sef these videos are working..

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The file is probably not stored at that path not the server - which is what the HTTP 404 not found error means.

Also you seem to be accessing the file incorrectly - the path might not include index.php

This seems to work : http://sagebridgedigital.com/client/michelangelos/Clear_Skin_1.swf

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What changes should i do in object tag so that it can take path without index.php? –  Irfan Aug 27 '11 at 14:07

i just navigated to your site and tried this url ...


and it worked (i think, as my ipad can't dowload it)

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