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Is there any way to set control location to original (initialize time)?
I changing location on many controls, and in some situation I must change they location to original.

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just remember the original values and reset them - so before setting your new ones to something like

oldX = control.X

if you have really a lot of controls you can to something like this

private Dictionary<Control, int> OldValuesX = new Dictionary<Control, int>();

public void SaveProperties()
   foreach (var ctr in this.Controls)
     OldValuesX[ctr] = ctr.X;

and later

public void ResetProperties(Control ctr)
   ctr.X = OldValuesX[ctr];

just extent this to your need (for example save more properties than X-Values in a Tuple, self-defined struct, etc.

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I think his question is also about WHEN to save the original coordinates. That would be OnFormShown (or what is it called). –  TheBlastOne Aug 28 '11 at 10:26
yes Form_Load would be the usual place - in any case this will only work after InitializeComponent(); because in there the controls and values are set (this is called in the constructor, so you can put the SaveProperties in there too) –  Carsten Aug 28 '11 at 10:34

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