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I just started taking an Assembly Language course in College. We are using the textbook listed in my title. (Nancy Stern, Alden Sager, Robert A. Stern) We are using the PC-370 IBM Mainframe Emulator. Presently we are using Notepad++ to write the MLC files. What I am looking for is a better text editor or IDE that is intended for writing Assembly Language... and that will work with the PC-370 Emulator. Notepad++ does not tab to correct positions, etc...

I have spent a lot of time and effort trying to find something that would fit my needs, but am not sure if any of them would be compatible for my needs.

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Did you try to look at Emacs or VIM?

Also, here are a couple of links which might give you something you want:

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I use another scintilla based editor geany. Not difficult at all to re-purpose one of the or the assembly language backend to whatever keywords, tabs, etc. I think a lot of that is the scintilla engine not geany so notepad++ likely also provides that ability.

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