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I want to use bugzilla extension to keep track of commits in my bugs.

I have followed the instructions there (§ bugzilla), and my hgrc is like this:

hgext.bugzilla =

# run bugzilla hook on every change pulled or pushed in here
incoming.bugzilla = python:hgext.bugzilla.hook

host = localhost # mysql server where bugzilla database lives
db = bugzilla3       # database to connect to
user = bugzilla3     # user to connect to database as
password = blah   # user's password
version = 3.6.3  # version of bugzilla installed
bzuser = valid_user@domain.tld    # fallback bugzilla user name to record comments with

my commit looks like this:

useful commit informations
bug: 123

But that doesn't do anything.

So my questions are:

  • is the extension compatible with bugzilla 3.6.3 (I'm using mercurial 1.7.5) ?
  • is my configuration ok ?
  • is there any log that mercurial produce to find what's wrong ?


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You might try using the XML-RPC interface. From the hook script itself an example configuration file for this is:

template=Changeset {node|short} in {root|basename}.


It also states

If your Bugzilla is version 3.2 or above, you are strongly recommended to use the XMLRPC access method instead.

So this may move you forward a little faster.

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